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  • 6 reasons why you should send Christmas cards even if you haven’t got the time (+downloadable Christmas cards)

    Are you one of those who find the whole Christmas hype, shopping, cooking just a pain in the neck, working even on the 24th, then fall headlong under the Christmas-tree on Christmas Eve? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ll probably roll your eyes when I say you should write Christmas cards […]

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  • Hello December!

    Oh at last, here is December, the Christmas season starts officially today! The holiday mood has crept onto my downloadable calendar as well, so you can use a grey work day to smuggle some festive cheer into your daily life. For me, getting into the Christmas mood seems harder and harder every year but I […]

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  • Hello November!

    We are welcoming a new month, so here is my latest downloadable calendar for November! This wreath is an old favourite, the original hanging in the living room of my parents. This was the starting point of my 12-piece collection. There was a time when November was my favourite time of year. It is getting […]

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  • Hello October!

    Here is October, the month of pumpkins! At last, mornings are chilly, nights are frosty but the autumn sun still warms nicely during the day. This is one of the most beautiful times of year, so I am presenting you with one of the most cheerful calendars I’ve ever created. The different shades of yellow […]

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  • 6 inspirational posters to start the school term

    Even the most hardworking chaps need a little motivation from time to time, but sometimes even those make “new year vows” in September who don’t always produce top marks in all subjects (that’s the way, keep to your promises!) However, it is not only those who start school who might need motivation, so I have […]

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  • Hello September!

    Wow, at last autumn has come!!! A new month, a new downloadable calendar to share with you. Chestnuts and grapes were the first things that came to my mind when thinking about September, so you can now have them on your desktop background surrounding this month’s calendar. September has always meant a fresh start to […]

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  • Hello August!

    August is here, time to share with you a new downloadable calendar. I’m happy to say I still haven’t melted away and August brings the glimpse of autumn, so I can see a tiny bit of hope at the end of the tunnel (after all we’ve survived 2/3 of summer already). Nevertheless, there are still things […]

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  • Hello July!

    It is hard to believe that half of 2016 has already gone and we are entering July. To tell the truth I’ve never really been a fan of this seemingly endless month of heat waves but this is the first time in my entire life that I actually work in an office during these 31 days, […]

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