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Hello December!

Oh at last, here is December, the Christmas season starts officially today! The holiday mood has crept onto my downloadable calendar as well, so you can use a grey work day to smuggle some festive cheer into your daily life.

Hand-painted wallpaper calendar for December free download

For me, getting into the Christmas mood seems harder and harder every year but I have my own survival kit, which will always bring some holiday spirit. So instead of the usual nature notes I am going to share this list with you – in the hope it might help you as well. So at my place…

…there is no December without

  • Christmas movies (Love Actually and Bridget Jones are must-s, others may come according to my mood)
  • Christmas carols (it is Diana Krall lately, but I have loved the King’s College Choir and Loreena McKennitt as well)
  • candles & tea
  • having breakfast in bed with some Christmas Special magazines
  • mulled wine and the Christmas fair
  • walking in the city full of Christmas lights
  • the smell of orange
  • baking

Enjoy this amazing month, and have a lovely, calm, shopping-centre-free December :)

Hand-painted wallpaper calendar for December, free download

Comments (2)

  • Maky Churchill

    December 4, 2016 at 7:50 am

    Well written, Indeed there is no December without all of those things you listed.Thank you for sharing.

    1. Imelda

      December 9, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      Thank you, Maky!

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