Hobby or work?

Hobby or work? - the difficulty of turning hobby into work

Have you ever experienced the following dialogue?

‘What have you done this weekend?’
‘I worked.’
‘Oh, poor you! What did you have to do?’
‘I have painted [replace with anything you like to do, like ‘written a blog, arranged flowers, done charity work, etc.’]
‘Ah, so you’ve only worked on your personal project’ *gracious smile*

If I have this conversation with someone I have to admit I often lose my temper, reminding the person that I don’t do it for free.┬áBut then, would it make a difference if I did it for free?

There is a certain idea about so-called ‘work’ in people’s heads: it is a means of earning money (preferably enough to make a living), and more often than not an activity, which they don’t like doing, but have to, for some reason.