A little guide to paintbrushes

A little guide to paintbrushes - watercolor techniques

A miracle has occured: the creative thought has started spreading within my family, and my sister started painting. Last weekend I was watching her with slightly bulging eyes as she played around on thin print paper with some brushes that were in appalling state. At this point I decided that instead of my old article on art supplies, I’d need to write a more thorough piece on what you should buy if you choose to pass your time painting. So much more thorough that I am going to split them and talk about papers in a separate blog post, while today I’ll tell you all I know about brushes. So let’s jump right into paintbrushes A-Z.

Are brushes important?

You can pay enormous amounts on paintbrushes and yet achieve horrible results, but the opposite is also true: a cheaper brush can be suitable as long as you choose consciously. A good brush is hand-made, even the relatively cheaper ones, so you should consider it as an investment. At the same time, I’d like to crush the legend that only a super expensive brush can be good quality: I have been working with synthetic for a few months now and reach just as good results as before.