Snowy night – DIY Christmas card in 7 easy steps


After all, painting is not a big deal. As a matter of fact, anyone can paint this little picture, who has paint and brushes at hand, as it doesn’t require much talent, yet the result is quite nice.

In the next few steps I am going to show you how I made this little painting, so you can also give it a go. When finished you can send it as a postcard or simply put it on the mantelpiece for a bit of Christmas feeling.


Blog birthday Vol. 2


Today my little corner of the web turns 2 years old. Of course a lot has been going on during this time: moving several times (starting on tumblr, then on to wordpress), some lazy weeks (like when I was working on my degree and had no time to sleep, let alone blog), crazy working weeks (when in September I decided to write all the blog posts in advance for 2016), some crying, some laughing, and of course getting to know other lovely blogger buddies.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I could celebrate my blog’s birthday, but private life sneeked into the hord of great ideas, so now I’m going to look back a little. It would be an obvious idea to re-live the important milestones in the life of my “child”, but as a good parent I know that while this story may be interesting to me, it will bore others to death. :D So instead I have collected a top 4 list of YOUR favourite blog posts.


5 minute tasks until the paint dries


Here comes a little shorter and more passionate blog post than usual about how I feel when I stamp my finger in wet paint for the 5th time and mutter unprintable phrases about the nature of watercolours.

It happens (a.k.a. always) that you need several layers of paint to reach the desired effect. If you let the paint dry on the first layer before painting the second, the result looks as if different layers of veil shone through one another, so you can see the bottom layer as well as the top. A beautiful thing to do – unless you mess it up by putting a stubby finger in it to check whether the paint has dried yet.

After several years of painting with watercolours I sometimes find it hard to believe how long it takes for massive amount of water to dry on the paper. Sometimes I think it’s good & ready, then apply the next layer and the whole thing blends together. Of course, the best trick is to place your palm on the seemingly dry surface and check the temperature: if it feels cold, then you’ve still got to wait.

But who the heck has got enough patience for this? Once you are into mixing colours and messing around waiting for the painting to dry just staring out of your head is the last thing you feel like doing.

However, after my latest blunder I have decided to list a few hate-tasks, which I usually procrastinate doing, but which can be completed perfectly within the 5-10 mins while the paint dries – and the reward is that you feel really productive.


Hello November!

We are welcoming a new month, so here is my latest downloadable calendar for November! This wreath is an old favourite, the original hanging in the living room of my parents. This was the starting point of my 12-piece collection.

Hand-painted wallpaper calendar free download

There was a time when November was my favourite time of year. It is getting dark fairly early, which justifies the use of different lights, the weather is cold and foggy, perfect for cuddling :) These days I have a bit more difficulty accepting darkness, but there is no point in moaning, Christmas is on the brink of the horizon.

Edith Holden has something to say to you again

November was the ninth month of the old Roman year. The 11th of November was held to mark the beginning of winter. The Anglo Saxon name of November was Blotmonath (blood month) probably alluding to the slaughter of cattle for winter consumption.

Feast days:

  • 1st: All Saints’ Day
  • 2nd All Souls’ Day
  • 3rd St Hubert
  • Nov 5th Bonfire Night. (The particular service commemorative of the Papists’ conspiracy on the 5th. was abolished in 1859.)
  • 11th St Martin’s
  • 21st Presentation of the Virgin
  • 22nd St Cecilia
  • 25th St Catherine
  • 30th St Andrew
  • Nov 5th Bonfire Night. The particular service commemorative of the Papists’ conspiracy on the 5th. was abolished in 1859.

“November take fail
Let no ships sail”

“If there’s ice in November that will bear a duck”

“There’ll be nothing after but sudge and muck.”

Things to be happy about this month

  • fog
  • candles
  • fairy lights (colourful or plain)
  • warm blankets
  • frosty mornings

Hand-painted wallpaper calendar free download