Recipe time – Cherry-yogurt breakfast jar

Ahoy, my recipe coloumn is back! :) This little breakfast is my own invention – created mainly because I feel so starved during the long office mornings (and because I don’t eat my jams otherwise…)

Cherry-yogurt breakfast jar - watercolor food illustration


  • one spoonful of oat flakes or granola
  • cherry jam (or any jam), according to your liking
  • a jar of yogurt
  • cherries (or whichever fruit you like best) on top
  • some coconut flakes

As for the preparation, it’s super-easy: you just layer the ingredients in a jar, and stir it before eating. I’ve only just figured out how useful it is to take food in a jar when you work in an office – that is the only form of container that I trust not to leak.

This print has been made in partnership with Katyvasz, a small Hungarian business, who create amazing jams and syrups. If you are interested to purchase this print and/or buy their products, check us on Etsy, or look for the Katyvasz-stall in craft markets of Budapest!

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