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What is your dream studio like?


Who wouldn’t be enthusiastic at the thought of a private studio to create in? Not that I have even the slightest of hope of obtaining one – I currently work at a little desk in my bedroom. But still, I don’t want to take me as a surprise if I get the chance to lay my hands on a nice little studio, so I’ve collected a few things I’d take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right place.

So what’s important?

The first and most important aspect is obviously the lighting. I like it when the sun shines into my workspace but diffuse light is ideal for painting so I’d prefer a northern or rooftop window. I would definitely paint my walls white, as in my experience even the lightest shades of wall can alter the way I see colours.

Those who know me or read the blog will not be surprised about my next criteria: I wish for a completely silent studio. I also like the sight of plants, so I wouldn’t mind a few in the studio – or in front of it. The good thing about the latter is that I wouldn’t kill them as I so often do with indoor plants, and they would also protect me from heatwaves.Studio inspiration

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I would be perfectly satisfied with a small place as I prefer to work alone. Luckily I haven’t got too many art supplies so it would not be too much of a challenge to keep things tidy – I am absolutely unable to work in a mess.

As for the table, the deeper it is the better. For some reason unknown to me, the desks available in stores are nearly always 60 cm deep, which makes them completely useless, sometimes the whole lot starts to fall off on the opposite end as I am pushing it away from myself to make more space. So I would equip my studio with a desk with the minimum depth of 70-80 cm. There is no need for an easel, they look pretty cool but I haven’t managed to learn how to use them yet.

After all this only decoration is left. I’d need a few bookshelves for my favourite books and audiobooks, some fairy lights, a light coloured carpet and a squashy sofa for the cat.

I could make a pretty cool little studio out of these things. What is your dream studio like?

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