Hello September!

Wow, at last autumn has come!!! A new month, a new downloadable calendar to share with you. Chestnuts and grapes were the first things that came to my mind when thinking about September, so you can now have them on your desktop background surrounding this month’s calendar.

Hand-painted wallpaper calendar free download

September has always meant a fresh start to me – much more so than January, perhaps not unrelated to the start of a new school term. I am not at school any longer but the start of autumn still fills me with the feeling of re-birth: the heat waves are over, and at last they are finishing the road constructions that turn Budapest upside-down every summer :D

Edith Holden keeps up her fascinating information about months, but it seems that September is not full of folk observations.. She only mentions:

Plant trees at Michealmas & command them to grow,
Set them at Candlemas & entreat them to grow.

She also mentions that although September was the 9th month according to the Julian-calendar, it still retained its name of seventh (according to Roman calendar).

Things to be happy about this month:

  • fresh starts
  • grapes and plums
  • warm days and chilly nights
  • some more shooting stars
  • autumn colours rolling in


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How I overcame being branded ‘untalented’?


At a certain age we all go through a period in our creative lives when we start comparing our work to real life – or worse, to others’ work. This usually stops us from continuing. In most cases adults would encourage us to stop by calling us ‘untalented’, regardless of the benefits creating art provides.

In a recent guest post I have shared my personal route from being ‘untalented’ to creating art freely. While this journey is still not at an end, I wrote this article in the hope that people will realise that the process of creating is much more important than the result and that so-called ‘talent’ is not necessarily an existing quality.

You can read the full article here. Thank you to Zahra for the guest posting opportunity.

Repeat pattern challenge


“I don’t have time” is one of our favourite excuses for not being creative or do art. Actually I am just as guilty at this as everyone else, and as I’ve been going through a particularly lazy period I decided to do a little art challenge.

For one week I sat down with my sketchbook and brushes every single day to do a repeat pattern. Sometimes they were utterly simple, other times they needed more time to complete – but mainly I did what came naturally. Here are my experiences in the form of a visual (and verbal) diary.


What is your dream studio like?


Who wouldn’t be enthusiastic at the thought of a private studio to create in? Not that I have even the slightest of hope of obtaining one – I currently work at a little desk in my bedroom. But still, I don’t want to take me as a surprise if I get the chance to lay my hands on a nice little studio, so I’ve collected a few things I’d take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right place.


9 essential art supplies a thrifty beginner needs


Many consider that being creative is not precisely a cheap hobby, but let me contradict: you don’t need to spend tons of money just to try yourself! Actually I’ve been painting for nearly 2 years on a regular basis (though not as much as a professional would do) and haven’t spent a tuppence on art supplies the past 6 months. As a beginner, you will be perfectly satisfied choosing some of your things cheap, while you don’t want to be thrifty on others. Of course your supplies and the quality you want to choose greatly depend on your medium. As I am mainly into watercolours I will be specific there, but I’m happy to give some tips on other mediums in the comments below. So, here it goes: