• Ginkgo leaves - watercolor tutorial

    Watercolor painting class – ginkgo leaves

    Ginkgo biloba is one of the plants with the best PR. It doesn’t only have healing powers but it’s also beautiful. Of course, the dandalion possesses these qualities too (among several other plants) and yet it was ginkgo, which became so iconic that almost anyone can recognise its leaves. The butterfly-shaped leaves seemed the perfect […]

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  • Forest animals - hand-painted watercolour wallpaper calendar

    October downloadable calendars

    October has dawned on us with a really autumn-like, gloomy day, which I could not celebrate better than with a new dwnloadable calendar. You might have met Ingrid, the squirrel before on my Instagram, but never in a calendar format. I am hoping to put together the newsletter by this Friday, which means that you […]

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